I love you

I Love YouSaying I love you are three influential words that convey a powerful message. Whether they’re used in a romantic setting, or a way of showing how thankful you are to have a friend or family member in your life, these words have meaning.

What does saying I Love You mean?

These are some of the most compelling words used to communicate how you want to share your life with someone special.  Saying I love you to this person means you are loyal to them, you care about their progress in life, and you want them to be happy.  It means you want to build a deep, emotional connection with someone.

More often today these words are being abused by people.  In some cases, one might say I love you only to satisfy the person they’re with.  Many people may not know what love really is.

To some, it’s embarrassing to say it because maybe they didn’t grow up in a household where they say I love you to each other.  Others say it out of habit and they may not really be thinking about what they’re saying.

These three words can be used in many different ways depending on who you are saying it to.  For example, telling a friend or family member you love them doesn’t mean you are sexually attracted to them.  It just means you care about this person, and you appreciate them.

Many realize the importance of saying I love you.  They think to themselves, what if this person I care about walks out the door and something terrible happens and I never see them again?  They can’t imagine how they would feel if they never said these three important words to someone they care so deeply about.

Technology could possibly be holding some back from truly expressing how they feel about someone.  Not being able to look the other person in the eye, and texting a quick “luv u” doesn’t always make the other person feel the most appreciated in their relationship.

Saying I love you to a romantic partner means something special to them.  It means they have a secure relationship with someone who truly appreciates them for who they are as a person.  Someone who is passionate about their long-term goals with this person.

It means you want to be with this person, and you want to give them all your devotion.  You trust them with all your secrets and you know they won’t judge you.

When should I say I love you?

Real love grows with time, when you have learned to appreciate this special someone in your life.  Saying I love you too soon can complicate a relationship, even if the other person says it back.

If you’re having serious doubts about the relationship, don’t say the words just to make someone feel secure.  You want to know for sure that what you have is real love.  And one thing many people forget, is that any baggage from a previous relationship can prevent you from truly loving someone else.

Be sure that you are able to give your whole heart to this person, and that nothing is holding you back.  Know that when things get tough, you will need to stick it out and work together to keep the relationship strong.

Let that special someone in your life know you love them when you have recognized their excellence, and you have learned to truly admire them as a person.  When you know their imperfections don’t bother you, and yours won’t bother them.  Know that this person isn’t perfect, and neither are you.

Tell this person in your life you love them when you know that you can truly love them for who they are.  When you are able to give them love with your full attention and with passion.

If you aren’t sure what real love is, then read our article on what love is really about.

Does saying I love you always express the love and happiness you feel for the other person?

They say actions speak louder than words, and this is as important in relationships as it is in any other situation.  Your partner may like to hear that you love them, but they may like to see your love as well.

They want to see that you can open up and be yourself around them.  They want to see your comical side without you feeling foolish.  They want you to be happy when you are around them.

You should be able to share your deepest emotions without feeling embarrassed.  If they truly love you then they will be understanding and supportive of you in any situation.

Some have problems openly expressing their emotions, so they may express their love with actions only.  A husband may do something nice for his wife when she is having a rough day.  His wife may like to hear that he loves her every so often, but even just the gesture can be satisfying to her.

You can show your love by doing something thoughtful every so often, such as cooking dinner when they least expect it, or doing the laundry so they don’t have to.  Do something romantic for your partner every once in a while.  These are just little ways of showing your love for someone.

In most cases, people don’t take these three powerful words lightly, and that is why it is to be said to someone you truly love and are grateful for.  Understand how important this person is to you.  Appreciate and acknowledge them by letting them know how you feel, and don’t be reluctant to show your feelings as well.

If a significant other requires you to constantly say I love you, then there is most likely a whole different insecurity issue occurring.  This matter may require your partner to seek some help from someone who can assist them in getting to the bottom of why they are having these insecure feelings.

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